How to get to Camerino

By air Participants are suggested to use regular flight to Ancona, Bologna, Rimini, Rome, Pisa or Milan. The Ancona airport is the nearest one.

By Train Partecipants are suggested to reach Castelraimondo-Camerino station by these main railway lines:

  • Roma-Ancona line: connection to Castelraimondo at Fabriano station;
  • Milano-Lecce line: connection to Castelraimondo at Civitanova M. station;
  • Firenze-Foligno line: connection to Fabriano at Foligno station, connection to Castelraimondo at Fabriano station.
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At Castelraimondo station there is a connecting bus to Camerino. Shuttle service from Castelraimondo railway station to Camerino provided by CONTRAM (tel. +39 0737 63401;

By Car From Adriatic coast (Rimini, Ancona): by A14 Highway to Civitanova Marche then to Tolentino and finally Camerino.
From Tyrreniam coast (Rome): by A1 Highway to Orte, then Terni, Foligno and finally Camerino.
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