Stability and transformations of crystalline phases | Tensors and anisotropic physical properties of crystals | Vibrational properties | Microstructures and textures | Ab initio calculations | TEM | Electron diffraction | EBSD (Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction) | XAS


Giulio Ottonello (Genova) | David Mainprice (Montpellier) | Luca Lutterotti (Trento) | Mauro Gemmi (Pisa) | Marta Corno (Torino) | Gennaro Ventruti (Bari) | Pieter Glatzel (Grenoble) | Carlo Lamberti (Torino) | Rocco Caliandro (Bari) | Giuseppe Cruciani (Ferrara) | Anna Grazia Moliterni (Bari)


Quantitative Texture Analysis software (MTEX and MAUD) | Qualitative Phase Analysis by XRPD (QUALX)


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Camerino is a small town in the Marche region and in the province of Macerata (Italy). It is located in the Apennines bordering Umbria and about 40 miles from Ancona.


Scientific Committee

  • Giuseppe Cruciani, chair for SIMP
    University of Ferrara
  • Michele Zema, chair for AIC
    University of Pavia
  • Eleonora Paris
    University of Camerino
  • Marco Milanesio
    University of Piemonte Orientale
  • Serena C. Tarantino
    University of Pavia
  • Giulio Ottonello
    University of Genova
  • Gabriele Giuli
    University of Camerino

Organizing Committee

  • Eleonora Paris, chair
    University of Camerino
  • Giuseppe Cruciani
    University of Ferrara
  • Michele Zema
    University of Pavia
  • M. Rita Cicconi, local secretary
    University of Camerino
  • Lorenza Fascio, executive secretary
    University of Pisa
  • Gabriele Giuli, local organizer
    University of Camerino
  • Rita Berisio, AIC Teaching Commission
    CNR-IBB, Institute of Biostructure and Bioimaging
  • Marco Milanesio, AIC Teaching Commission
    University of Piemonte Orientale
  • Anna G. Moliterni, AIC Teaching Commission
    CNR-IC, Institute of Crystallography
  • Patrizia Rossi, treasurer
    University of Firenze
  • Gianluca Croce, webmaster
    University of Piemonte Orientale